Xtreme Fat Loss Diet review – Is it worth the money?

Note: This page contains a Xtreme Fat Loss Diet review, the new diet and training program from Joel Marion. You can check it out for yourself by clicking the link below but I strongly recommend that you read through this review to see if it is what you are looking for.

In the world of fitness, there are literally thousands of different diet and exercise programs available at any given time. What’s worse is that 99% of them flat out don’t work and will set you only serve to discourage and set you back further. If you want to get any success when it comes to loosing fat, you need a proven strategy. Without a solid plan, you will fail, guaranteed.

A new program has been recently released by joel martin (he has too many credentials to list here) which is called the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet. So if you landed on this page, you are no doubt wondering if this program is effective or if it is just another “diet fad”. I am happy to report that Joel’s program is, as the name implies, extremely effective. However, there are a few issues you should know about before diving in and I will talk about them in the next few sections.

The Diet

Anybody who has even the slightest clue about losing fat will tell you that the most important aspect is your diet. As a matter of fact, it is possible to lose as much weight as you want without doing any exercise at all. This is not to say that exercise isn’t important, but it isn’t necessary for pure weight loss.

That is why the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet puts so much focus on the dieting aspect of fat loss. The 25 day diet itself is broken down into 5 day cycles and each day within the cycle has its own dieting rules. This is what it looks like:

Day 1: Cheat Day

The most fun day of all, the cheat day actually lets you eat what you want, when you want. Seriously. That means you can eat cheeseburgers, ice cream or even some deep fried Oreo cookie and peanut butter cheesecake (I don’t know if that exists). So with one cheat day per cycle, you will only be going through 4 days of dieting before getting a break.

This is not only great to keep your motivation up, it also helps with some hormone production in your body (Joel explains this in detail in the manual) that actually leads to greater fat loss. That’s right, strategically eating junk food can help you lose weight.

Day 2: The Fast Day

This is by far the hardest days of the program since you go a full day without eating anything. Joel only recommends you take some very specific supplements but outside of that, you can’t eat anything. This actually sounds worse than it is. The first time you do it is very hard, but after that it gets pretty easy. The main trick is to stay busy throughout the day to keep your mind off food.

Day 3: The Shake Day

During the shake day, you only consume protein shakes. Of course, there are some very specific quantities of other nutrients to add to these shakes and Joel does a great job of explaining how much of each you need.

Day 4: The Moderate Carb Day

During the moderate carb day, you have to eat specific amounts of carbohydrates at the right time along with you meat and veggies. Once again, Joel does a great job here of going into what types of carbs you can eat here as well as what foods to avoid.

Day 5: The Protein Only Depletion Day

As the final day of the cycle before the next cheat day, the depletion day is designed to deplete your body of all its glycogen reserves (aka stored sugar) so as to make room for the carbs and calories you will no doubt eat during cheat day. To do this, you have to only eat specific amounts of protein and Joel does a great job of showing you how to calculate how much you need.

Since all your meals (except for the cheat day meals) require very specific amounts of the right nutrients, you will have to do a little math to figure it out. Don’t worry though, it’s VERY simple math and Joel walks you through how to do it.

The Xtreme Fat Loss Diet also goes in depth about what foods you can eat to actually get all the right nutrients. There are extensive lists of protein sources, fat sources, carbohydrate sources as well as vegetables that are best to eat. It makes it really easy to know whether or not what you are eating is good for your fat loss efforts.

The workouts

The other big part of the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet program is the training. Now the workouts prescribed in this portion of the program weren’t written by Joel Marion himself but rather his friend John Romaniello who is a world renowned fitness expert (this guy knows his stuff). The workouts are broken down into 4 types:

Lactic acid training

Now there is too much science going on with these workouts for me to explain them here but suffice it to say that these BURN. These are painful and are basically get your muscles to produce as much lactic acid (the stuff that makes your muscles burn) as possible. This has lots of fat burning and hormonal benefits that Roman explains in great detail.

Density Training

Density trainings are very heavy training sessions that were originally designed to build muscle mass. The basic premise here is that they get you to do as much work done in the shortest time possible.

Strength Training

These workouts are performed with very heavy weights and low numbers of repetitions. On top of helping you burn fat, these will actually make you stronger.

Dynamic Training

These workouts are specifically designed for fat loss. What happens here is that you perform multiple exercises with a single set of dumbbells, without ever letting them go.

John actually does a fantastic job here of explaining the reasons and science behind each type of training in a way that anybody can understand. He also went through the trouble of building workout logs that you can just print out and take to the gym. There is even an entire section dedicated to showing you how each exercise is performed which is handy because there are some pretty obscure exercises in there that you have probably never heard of.

The Bonuses

Joel also includes a few other things that can help you reach your fat loss goals. These include:

A supplement guide: Tells you what supplements you will need as well as the best place to get them.

A success journal and cliff notes: Printable spreadsheets that breaks down what needs to be done on each day as well as self-evaluations to keep you accountable. This is great to keep you focused.

Audio interview transcripts: These are interviews and discussions done between Joel, John Romaniello, Vince Del Monte and Flavia Del Monte who are all highly respected fitness experts. They talk about mindset, tricks to succeed, pitfalls to avoid and their own personal experiences with the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet program.

The Good

Everything in the program is very well explained in terms that anybody can understand. Joel tells you exactly what workout to do on what day and even at what time to do them. He explains when to eat your meals as well as what each of those meals should contain (Fats? Carbs? Protein?). He even tells you where to get all the supplements and protein powders you will need during the diet. There is seriously EVERYTHING you need to know about highly effective fat loss in this program.

The Bad

The diet is very strict and will require a lot of planning on your part (especially in the beginning) to get optimal results. For example, it is recommended that you eat six meals a day with 2 to 3 hours between each one. This requires a lot of planning and organising especially if you work a 9 to 5 job, although it is doable.

For most people, the diet plan will be a drastic departure from their usual eating habits. One thing that could have been added to the package is a transition plan to ease the dieters into the main diet. This isn’t a huge problem by any means, but it definitely would have helped ease newcomers into the program.

Also, the workouts are quite intense, especially if you have never trained in the gym before. Jumping straight into the workouts that are provided will leave you very sore if you don’t have any prior experience with weightlifting programs. Once again, a transition workout plan for beginners would have been a great addition.

Finally, Joel doesn’t provide any recipes that you can follow that incorporate all the nutrients that he recommends. This means that you will have to figure it out for yourself or buy a separate recipe book that does have appropriate recipes. It just seems that instead of putting energy into bonuses such as interviews a recipe book would have completed the package much better.

The Verdict

So the big question is, is this program worth the 67$ it costs to access it? I would personally say yes, but I would also say that it depends what you are looking for. Overall, Joel Marion’s Xtreme Fat Loss Diet is a great program, but it definitely isn’t for everybody.

You see, just as the name implies, this program works extremely well and the claims that it can help you lose 25 pounds of fat in 25 days are not exaggerated at all. However, such drastic fat loss requires some quite drastic behaviour and dietary changes (but there are cheat daysto keep you sane).

It is also worth noting that the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet program comes with a 60 day money back guarantee so if you buy it and find that it isn’t for you, you can get a full refund and keep the whole program for free.

So if you are prepared for a physical and mental challenge, go for it. It will get you outstanding results.



Healthy Diet For Achieving Weight Loss Goals


Today, a number of people know the essence of healthy body. More people are conceived of their wellness. With the advent in technology, people are habitual of using various technology driven tools to make life uncomplicated. People more often have chances to gain weight if technology tools are used in wrong way. In this fast ongoing business world, people have no time to have healthy food. Instead most of them approach for fast food to save time. This is an unhealthy practice and most often accumulate more fats on their body. You must be active, which is an essential approach towards effective weight loss program. The truth behind losing weight is that when you are active, more calories is consumed that help in effective weight loss.


While you are determined to lose weight, you must try to change the way you think and approach for some innovative techniques (such as Phen375 fat burner). Carrying out some effective diet plans can be the best for losing your weight. The main target is to recognize the value of thing that you consume at regular intervals in your meals. When taken timely, these items can help you lose your weight quite effectively. Here, we will discuss in some general tips for weight loss. Some fruits and food items are listed and discussed as below:


Olive oil:

This is one of the best items that suppress your appetite and has a lot of slimming abilities. It contains antioxidant called polyphenols. These helps in detoxifying unbalanced molecules popularly called free radicals. Various researches reveal its metabolic syndrome features and increase its antioxidant power helping in effective weight loss.




Bananas are regarded the best part of healthy diet. For you to lose fats, it is quite essential to burn more calories than that you consume. This helps in fat loss by burning more calories present in your body in the form of fats. It provides healthy crabs that keep you energetic, active and feel good. This maintains low blood pressure in the body. Bananas contain fiber content that suppresses appetite and contribute towards fat loss. This even reduces depression and aids in reducing constipation due to fiber components.


Apart these food items, there are many more that helps in effective weight loss. You must renovate the way you think and discover more ways to lose weight from the food you consume in your daily life.

  • Gigantic Role Of Social Media Today In Attaining Fitness

Gone are the days when having fat on body used to be considered a sign of good health.  Today having slim and fatless body attracts all and after hike in use of social media this weight loss slimming generation got a fuel to their temptations. They start sharing their views and ways on Facebook. Companies manufacturing such medicines and other health related products created pages and started sharing pictures, blogs, articles guiding towards weight loss but their desire to have more of Facebook likes and get real twitter followers evolved a new concept to buy real Facebook likes cheap and to buy cheap twitter followers as well being short of budget.

Their continuous interactions not just guided the generation but evolved a series of replies through comments, tweets and messages. People started sharing their updates enormously and soon took them to the peak of social media marketing. As a result of such endeavours today we can see slim and physically fit groups of people around.
The aim and the insurgency both well mixed and educated the generation about best ways through which they can get and keep their body in shape. Result is in front of all. Jogging parks, gymnasiums, dietary supplement stores are all over flooded. I’m sure enough that no one ever would have expected that social media like Facebook and Twitter will help and assist to gain good health.